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One pound bags of Alaskan Pay Dirt (Guaranteed Gold) includes gold vial and pippete  $20.00 each + Shipping

See photos below of typical gold from each bag.  Each vial was panned from one bag, some small nuggets, pickers and fines.

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​ $589.95 + Ca tax          $489.95 + Ca tax without pump motor.

The K-GRS-1 Gold recovery system will recover all the gold from sub-micron gold to nuggets well over 1/2 oz troy.  It uses no miners moss, no carpeting and no perforated metal mesh to cut your hands on.  Clean outs can be made quickly and easily in less than one minute and be back up and running.  The only things that you will need is a 12 volt automotive or marine battery, a slotted screw driver, water and the gold bearing material. 

The K-GRS-1 is an excellent unit to do quick sampling on a new area or just to do a days run of material.  The K-GRS-1  can run around 600 pounds of material in an hour & only have a pan full of material to pan out. 

The K-GRS-1 unit complete less the battery weighs only 25 pounds, and can be easily back packed in to remote sites. 

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 K-GRS-1  Gold Recovery System